Monitoring the youth movement & pioneer action to inspire intergenerational impact

What is our intention?

To reach social impact through intergenerational engagement


The project is powered by a youth community that is creating social value regardless of the challenges.

“Are you ready 4 us?” is an ongoing research project on the intergenerational societal impact inspired by youth. It sustains itself through a community lab that experiments and proposes new ways of impacting society collectively.


What is our approach?

We invite key stakeholders around that calling purpose: how can we nurture and accelerate youth impact?
In searching for answers to this question, we have the chance to:

  • Interview young pioneers
  • Invite them to show their practices and contribution
  • Inspire others to take actions
  • Sharing their ideas and resources
  • Identifying what makes youth take an active role in society
  • Highlighting elements of the societal ecosystem that increase their impact
  • Co-designing strategies and concrete actions for local self-managed communities and proposals for global entities
  • Sustaining youth impact through monitoring key indicators