Will You Dare?

A fable about audacity.

¿Te atreves? (Do you Dare?) was inspired by years of corporate experience with executives around the themes of risk and uncertainty. An invitation to be bold for anyone who wants to boost their life project, and a support tool, that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship—a book especially useful for coaches, R&D and human resources professionals.

The book tells the story of two peculiar characters, Chic & Choc, a pair of chicks facing the biggest challenge of their lives—to flee their safe and familiar island after a natural disaster and take a step into the unknown… will they be able to undertake the journey?
¿Te atreves? was released in Spain in May 2009 by Aguilar, the largest Spanish publisher. And is currently in the process of being published in 4 more languages: English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. (Español) – (English) – (French)

El despido interior (self dismissal)

An inspiring book about giving the best of ourselves in our worklife.

We reach a state of “self dismissal” as a result of a long and complex process of negative experiences that transform devotion to our job into resignation, the moment we realize our expectations will not be met. It’s an unconscious strategy, a gradual process of abandonment, neglect and indifference by which we stop giving the best of ourselves—our job becames a mere facade. This is experienced by nearly 60% of professionals, that believe organizations do not encourage them to give their best.

To raise public awareness on the situation, Lotfi El-Ghandouri invites us through the pages of his book, to visit Ingrid’s bar. We’ll meet customers, that will lead us through the different phases of “self dismissal”. Each story is followed by a chapter that deepens into the concepts presented and gives answers to questions at both individual and organizational levels.

About Lotfi

Lotfi El-Ghandouri, entrepreneur, consultant, author and international speaker. A world citizen born in Tunisia, raised in Quebec and based in Madrid.

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